Web Automat is a system of programs used by certified web designers to create professional web sites with unique features for small to medium sized businesses.

Web Automat sites are editable by the site owner allowing your business greater flexibility and control without the need for any technical skills.  Anyone who can type can make changes to existing pages and even add pages that will perfectly integrate with the design of the site.

The Modular make up of Web Automat sites allows you to add new modules as you need them. There is no need to plan for all future contingencies or risk the need for having a new site built. Web Automat modules include shopping carts, news updates, specialty databases (for example, a realty module or a motor  vehicle module) FAQs, Contact Systems and more. 

Web Automat uses embedded font technology to allow use of more than the 5 standard fonts generally used on dynamic web sites, all of which will be viewable as you plan them to be, on all computer systems.

With a Web Automat site you can get exactly what you need and pay only for what you get.

For more information contact your  Webmaster or local Web Designer.